Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus Ancient city, Izmir

The apple of every tourist’s eye; Ephesus Ancient City. Located in Selcuk, Izmir, Ephesus is known for its famous Celsus Library and the close location of one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World: The Temple of Artemis. 


Ephesus Ancient city has been around since neolithic times. It was one of the twelve cities of Ionia during Ancient Greek times. Throughout history, it became the capital of many different civilizations. Due to its constant relocations, Ephesus spreads over a large area of 8 kilometers. Founded in the 10th century BC, the first excavations started in 1863. 

In 2015, Ephesus Ancient City became one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

During the excavations in 2022, a neighborhood and shops were found from the Early Byzantine Era.

Must-See Places in Ephesus

Library of Celsus in Ephesus

Library of Celsus 

Ruins of The temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis

The Ephesus Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre

Seven sleepers in Ephesus

Seven Sleepers

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