Turkish Munchies vs Tokyo Treat

Turkish Munchies vs Tokyo Treat

Another day, another comparison with one of our competitors in the foreign snack box area. Today, we are reviewing Tokyo Treat.

When you're shopping for snacks, you want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. But how do you know which snack will be the best value?

The answer is Amazon reviews.

Though once again Turkish Munchies has more Amazon reviews than other brands, this time not only Tokyo Treat’s reviews are low but also their Amazon page is unavailable which is something that never happens to Turkish Munchies. You are always able to reach our boxes whether on Amazon or our website. The shipping time lets the customer decide more easily when it comes to ordering. You crave what you want to eat, and you want to have it fast. Our deliveries reach our customers within a few business days whereas Tokyo Treat’s boxes take around 1-3 weeks to arrive. So, the delivery time should be of importance. Especially if it is bought as a gift for a special day like a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or many others. Did you know you could get two boxes of Turkish Munchies instead of getting just one from Tokyo Treats? Tokyo Treats only offers one type of box each month with just 15-20 snacks whereas Turkish Munchies has around 12 boxes in different sizes and includes a minimum of 10 snacks in its smallest box and a maximum of 23 snacks in its biggest box.  One extra note; Turkish Munchies only includes full-size snacks in snack boxes, but Tokyo Treats adds up to 20 snacks and counts gums and other smaller snacks as well. Turkish Munchies Snack box uses free international shipping when you buy $50 worth of product whereas Tokyo Treat charges $12.50 for express shipping. So, if you want to eat your snacks as soon as possible you have to pay extra to shorten the arrival. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to give an extra $12.50 for the less number of snacks.

If listing all these reasons still has not convinced you, there is one last and most important part that differentiates Turkish Munchies from all other competitors: The Yummy Battle Snack Box

With new characters, the card game gets more and more exciting each month. Also, the Yummy Battle snack box means getting limited-edition boxes. As well as the characters, the snacks keep refreshing too. This limited edition, foreign snack box prides itself on being the only subscription snack box with a card game to enjoy while eating the Turkish Munchies’ tasty treats.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe to the Yummy Battle Snack Box to meet the lovely monsters and share the experience with your loved ones.