Turkish Munchies vs Munchpak

Turkish Munchies vs Munchpak

It is time for another one of our comparisons with a different international snack box company. Today we are looking into Munchpak.

We pride ourselves on our 14+K Amazon reviews but in today’s comparison with Munchpak, we cannot stress enough the importance of Amazon reviews as it seems Munchpak does not have any. Like Tokyo Treat, Munchpak does not seem to have a page anymore and we do not know why. Another important criterion is the nutrition fact sheet inside the snack box. Nutrition fact sheets give an insight into the ingredients of the snacks and let you know whether that specific snack has something you are allergic to or not. Munchpak does not include a sheet for its customers. Not only does Turkish Munchies include a very detailed nutrition sheet but we also give you little general knowledge about our products as well. When it comes to shipping Turkish Munchies once again surpasses Munchpak. Since Munchpak does its shipping with standard shipping and it takes longer for their boxes to arrive. Whereas as Turkish Munchies, we send our beloved boxes with international express shipping. No customer of ours will wait long to taste our yummy snacks.

If listing all these reasons still has not convinced you, there is one last and most important part that differentiates Turkish Munchies from all other competitors: The Yummy Battle Snack Box

With new characters, the card game gets more and more exciting each month. Also, the Yummy Battle snack box means getting limited-edition boxes. As well as the characters, the snacks keep refreshing too. This limited edition, foreign snack box prides itself on being the only subscription snack box with a card game to enjoy while eating the Turkish Munchies’ tasty treats.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe to the Yummy Battle Snack Box to meet the lovely monsters and share the experience with your loved ones.