Turkish Mothers vs snacks

Turkish Mothers vs snacks

Mother’s Day is almost here, that’s why we wanted to dedicate our week to our beloved mothers all around. Every single human love snack and there is no denying that. However, Turkish mothers take a stricter stand when it comes to snacks. The moment their babies come to an age where they snack, a new feature is added to Turkish moms about opposing snacks to a certain extent. Let’s look at some of the excuses/restrictions our moms use to stop us from eating too many snacks.  

Not allowed to eat before a meal

In Turkish households, you are not allowed to eat snacks at least half an hour before mostly dinner. Their excuse for this is that moms believe any snack you eat will gorge you on, so you won’t be able to enjoy their delicious food.

Not allowed to eat more than one

The excuse for this restriction is quite similar to the first one. In order not to get too many carbs that will make you full before a meal and also it is to prevent you from eating all of the snacks in one sitting. If you eat all at once, you will surely ask for more and she knows it.

We have snacks at home

When in a market the best thing to do is to visit the snack aisle. The mom protection kicks in once you visit this aisle. She will trick you into saying that there is a better snack waiting for you at home that you haven’t seen being bought. However, the moment you arrive home you’ll see that the snack in question was a jar of raisins.

All this talking about our moms being against snacks are a bit flex because when their kids do not see or they are not around, moms do love to snack sneakily as well 😉 Knowing this, getting your mom an assortment of a delicious box of international snacks might surprise and make her happy. A happy mom equals a happy home after all.

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