The Effects of Turkish Food on Snacks

The Effects of Turkish Food on Snacks

Some foods are so good that we cannot just consume them solely, we have to add them to some other things we eat as well. What food is better than snacks to add these flavors? So, let’s see what kind of snacks are there that are flavored with our favorite Turkish food and desserts!

A quick heads up to our list: Most snacks are integrated as chips, maybe because it is easier to add salty food as chips or because everyone loves chips in any flavor… I really can’t tell. But I can say one thing, chips will be eaten regardless of their flavors cause YUM 🤤


Kebab Flavored Chips

When someone says Turkish food, the first that comes to mind is obviously kebab. Anywhere in the world, I’m positive that you will see a kebab shop in the corner, and when you see one go and try one immediately. This is such a suitable flavor that two different brands launched chips in kebab flavor. Lay’s one was quite a hit in Turkey. However, Pringles was not released in Turkey instead it was put on US markets as a limited edition.


Baklava Flavored Chocolate

This is one for the books. Damak’s new addition of chocolate did really add the exact flavor of Baklava into their chocolate. While eating the chocolate you get the taste of the crispy pastry of chocolate and of course, Damak’s signature pistachios never disappoint anyway.  On my first try I gotta be honest I did not have any faith because baklava is such a complicated and important dessert, but they really managed to give the exact taste. For that I’m grateful.

Poppy And Dried Tomato Flavored Chips

Don’t worry because these chips have poppies in them. When consumed in moderation there is no harm. As a matter of fact, Turkey is the largest poppy seed producer in the world. Poppies are used for different purposes like in cuisine and medicine etc. Afyon city in Turkey is the main place for poppy production and the pastries with poppies are very famous. Hence this chip. As you can see from the name it is even called Alaturca meaning “in Turkish style”!

Izmir Tulum Cheese Flavored Chips

This limited-edition chip was my favorite, and it was great while it lasted! Don’t know if I’m biased because I’m from Izmir and Tulum is a great cheese but this chip should’ve become a regular one. It was a part of Lay’s local delicacies campaign and was a great success. When it comes to combining flavors, Lay’s definitely wins.

Kadayıf Flavored Ice Cream

Here is our last delicacy, ice cream by Algida with Kadayıf flavor. Although you are familiar with many Turkish desserts. Kadayıf kind of plays second fiddle to our other desserts. However, Kadayıf is a very important dessert and there are a lot of different varieties of it. In the ice cream form, Algida used shredded Kadayıf which is “Tel Kadayıf” in Turkish, and the other was in more of a bread form literally called “bread Kadayıf”. Though it was tasty, preserving the crispy form of this dessert is harder when it is under ice cream. No longer sold, this try was great while it lasted too.

A very long list of snacks inspired by famous Turkish delicacies. Which one would you like to taste and are curious about? Adding local flavors to snacks is a great way to show the whole just how great that country’s snacks and cuisine can be. You may not be able to taste most of them as they were limited editions. Still, if you’d like a taste of Turkey, we offer 20+ delicious international treats from Turkey right to your doorstep with amazing discounts.

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