The complexity of Valentine’s Day

The complexity of Valentine’s Day

Love and to be loved. One of the most basic needs a human has in their life. But when did it become so complex?

February 14th is celebrated as the day of Lovers around the world. Well almost celebrated by the whole world as there are some countries who celebrate this day on different dates. Some celebrate on June 12th.

It seems that celebrating Valentine’s Day on just February 14th isn’t enough, people spread it to a week starting from February 7th also known as Rose Day. On this day you buy a rose for your partner and start Valentine’s week. A red rose is known to symbolize love and lust. That is why it is only appropriate to start this week full of passion with a single red rose or a bouquet of it.

February 8th is Propose Day. Do not think of it as a marriage proposal as it is most suitable to pop the question on February 14th. You can just propose to someone to be together or hang out with. Take the first step.

February 9th is Chocolate Day. Most loved snack all around the globe. That’s where we come to the rescue! Our snack boxes involve all kinds of different flavored chocolates you could ask for. Just order one immediately and see your partner’s happiness on their face. 

February 10th is Teddy Day. One of the other important symbols of love might be the huge and soft Teddy Bears. This day is perfect to give your loved one a Teddy bear.

February 11th is the day of Promise. Not like a wedding vow but still, a promise is a promise. You better come up with some heartfelt promises to never leave your lover’s side.

February 12th don’t worry, we’re almost there! This day is for Huggers all around. Give that one person the tightest hug to show your affection. A hug can make the pain go away, like a painkiller, or relax and make us happy. Hugs can be the simplest way of showing that love. So do not skip this day.

February 13th is Kiss Day. Well, you need a partner for this one as it is not as innocent as a hug. That first kiss is special for everyone and will make those butterflies fly away for sure. Go & kiss your lover today!

Finally, February 14th is here! This is THE day you can combine all of this. All days were leading up to this moment. February 14th is the day people shout their love & propose and give each other thoughtful gifts. Some may think that today is cliché to propose you better think thoroughly before you take any actions.

This was an introduction to the week of Valentine's Day. It’s up to you whether to celebrate the month of lovers in the same sense. But you can always buy a Turkish Munchies snack box and explore new flavors together.


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