Strange Ice Cream Flavors Around the World

Strange Ice Cream Flavors Around the World

In honor of national ice cream day, we wanted to introduce you to the weirdest ice flavors around the world. We all love and eat ice cream with classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel, there is no doubt. But have you encountered anything like pickle-flavored ice cream? If not you’re about to find out some bizarre flavors in the ice cream industry. Finding unique flavors takes time and many experiments. So, we really cannot judge people who produce these flavors by trial and error and the ones who actually like to eat them.


A few years ago, wasabi was only a very spicy paste eaten with sushi. Due to its popularity, now you can find any snack in wasabi flavor from chips, chocolates, and now to ice cream. If you’re not into spice maybe you should be careful trying a scoop of this ice cream.

Pickled Mango

Mango-flavored ice cream is not something new but pickled mango is! Back in 2018 the famous American ice cream company Jeni’s produced pickled-mango flavored ice cream people actually liked it. However, due to its limited-edition production, it is no longer available.


The famous spice from India keeps finding new places to give its distinct flavor. The curry-flavored ice cream is unusual but just thinking how it would taste kind of puts me off from giving it a try. Still, if you’re looking for an adventure why not get a scoop?


Everyone’s favorite food turned into ice cream form. Just eating a big pepperoni does not seem enough for pizza lovers that it comes as an ice cream during summer. Makes one wonder what kind of flavor is involved and that alone is enough for anyone to give it a try.

Squid Ink

Though it sounds odd to like an ice cream made from squid ink, it is quite a famous flavor in Japan for decades. Just like the wasabi flavor, just leave it to the Japanese to make something popular they consume. Thanks to the love for Asian culture, it is very easy now to access anything they eat and love.

Remember, while these flavors may seem strange, taste preferences can vary widely, and some people might enjoy these unique combinations. It's always exciting to see the creative ways in which ice cream flavors can be reinvented! If you like to stick to the classic flavors but have some pizzazz with the way of eating it, you can always try crispy halva from Turkish Munchies to have a different and crispier cone. 5 of our boxes include our tasty halva for you to have a crispy ice cream experience this summer. What are you waiting for?

Here are our boxes with crispy halva:

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