Snacks that pair perfectly with Turkish Tea

Snacks that pair perfectly with Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea is such a magical beverage that you can eat anything with it, and it will fit right in. Whether you crave something salty or sweet, Turkish tea will pair perfectly. Turkish people drink tea in the mornings, noon, afternoon, and at night. We don’t really pick a time to drink a cup of tea. However, apart from breakfast, Turkish people snack with tea in the afternoon, mostly with neighbors.


If it is a planned gathering the perfect sweet snack is a homemade cake. No other dessert is necessary when a fluffy cake is present. The flavor of it does not matter as well though the most loved ones are lemon, chocolate, raisin, and vanilla. A marble bundt cake is the epitome of afternoon high tea in Turkey. All our boxes come with soft and tasty cakes so that you can also experience the high tea culture in Turkey. All you need to find some black tea from Turkey in your supermarkets and get a box of Turkish Munchies snack boxes to reach heaven from the comfort of your house.

Salty Cookies

In another scenario where your neighbors showed up at our door unannounced, the quick solution is to send the youngest in the house to the nearest patisserie to get some of those salty cookies that taste like heaven next to tea. In different shapes, these salty cookies are one the favorites to snack on alongside tea. Especially the little simit cookies are THE ones we love. Lucky for you some of our boxes involve a simit cracker that will go great with your high teatime.

How to make the perfect Turkish tea

Now that you know the perfect and necessary snacks next to Turkish tea you got that covered. But do you know how to make the perfect Turkish tea? Well, let me explain the ideal way.

First, you need quality black tea all the way from the Black Sea region of Turkey. While adding the tea, Turkish people usually mix the plain one with bergamot flavor to taste and smell better. The second step is to add drinkable water. Do not use any kind of sprinkled water as it will only ruin your tea experience. Now you have the two elements to create the tea, now you need the equipment to boil it. As we do not cook it you need two pieces of pots where the tea sits on the top part and water boils in the bottom one. Once you add the right amount of tea, you’re good to go. First, boil the water at the bottom and once it's boiled add it slowly to the top part where the tea is, be careful not to burn it. Let the tea sit on a reduced fire for 15-20 minutes before serving it to your guests.

The snacks I have mentioned can be easily found in all our boxes. Since tea is paired with anything, you can just try any snack from our boxes: chocolates, crackers, cakes, chips, candies, and wafers are all there. 

Here are some of our boxes:

Celebration Box

Exotic Box

Traditional Box


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