Retro: Must Try Snacks from Our Childhood

Retro: Must Try Snacks from Our Childhood

Do you ever get that nostalgia feeling when you’re wandering around the aisles in your local supermarket and see that one snack you ate the most in your childhood? It’s not like we can’t just go and eat some but somehow, we forget the taste and how we felt when we ate it in time. That’s why we got that feeling and put it in a box so that you could taste the snacks we loved as a child.

Here are 3 must try snacks from our Retro Box:

Balık Cracker 🐟

To some, the plain taste of it may come as a bit shock. It’s later addition with the 🌽 corn flavor 🌽 is good too but for Turkish people, this fish shaped crackers will always be better in its original form and is a timeless favorite. Never once I’ve heard someone complain about its taste so you should give it a try and see for yourself! No need to fishing we’re sending these ones right to your doorstep.

Halley ☄️

Do you like comets? If your answer is yes, we have some great news! Halley’s comet has arrived with its rich milk chocolate coated sandwich biscuit with delicious marshmallow in between. You know comets don’t visit us that often. So, its important to see or taste one when you have the chance of a lifetime. It is both a classic and a contemporary piece since Halley was always great with keeping up with the time.  


Remember the good old days when you were young and white chocolate wafers were your favorite snack? Now, relive them in all their glory with Alpella! With a pyramid shape, perfectly smooth soft creamy white chocolate flavor and crispy wafer, this nostalgic Turkish treat will bring back memories of a simpler time to us. It may give you the time of your life as well. In the end, it is important to try new things.

To try these iconic snacks here is our Retro Box: