March: Time for New Beginnings and snacks

March: Time for New Beginnings and snacks

With spring’s arrival, we are excited to introduce you to this month’s top snacks from our Yummy Battle March Box. Every month all the snacks inside the Yummy Battle snack box get renewed so that you can taste different flavors! These are the lucky ones chosen by our snack experts for you to have a little sneak peek!

Biscolata Starz

Are you ready to discover a delicious snack that takes you to the stars? Biscolata Starz will delight your taste buds with creamy milk chocolate and a crunchy biscuit base. Enjoy this unique star-shape treat anytime, anywhere for an out-of-this-world experience. Get ready for a heavenly snack that will make you come back for more!


Get ready to #TreatYourself with Lifalif oat bar - your snack that's as delicious as it is guilt-free! Our dark chocolate oat bar is packed with fibers and all your desired yummy flavors. Enjoy a satisfying snack while staying healthy - now that's something to get excited about! Finally, a perfect snack to fuel your clean eating lifestyle. Want to try Lifalif and treat yourself to something special? All you have to do is to buy The Yummy Battle’s March box!


Indulge in a delicious treat that's both healthy and indulgent with Kombo! Our perfect combination of coconut flakes, milk chocolate, and biscuit makes it the ideal snack for any occasion. Whether looking for an on-the-go snack to energize you during the day or a sweet treat after dinner, Kombo is the perfect solution! Enjoy a creamy, crunchy, chocolaty snack you can feel good about. Get your hands on Kombo today and experience the perfect flavor combination!

Hoşbeş Gold Wafer

Introducing Hoşbeş Gold Wafer: a delicious, mouthwatering treat that will bring you the same joy and satisfaction as an old-fashioned dessert. Rich, creamy caramelized white chocolate expertly combined with crunchy milk chocolate wafers. Each bite is a heavenly combination of indulgence and crunch that you can't get enough of. Get your Hoşbeş Gold Wafer and enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy pleasure!

After meeting some of our snacks from this month’s box are you curious about the rest? Here is the link to our Yummy Battle Box, keep snackin' 🍪

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