Macun: A Street Delicacy With a Long History

Macun: A Street Delicacy With a Long History

Ever heard of a toffee-like candy called macun? If not, you’re about to find out what is this tasty candy. There are 2 different kinds of macun in Turkey, one is Ottoman Macun and the other one is Mesir Macun. Although in the beginning, they were the same candy, in time ottoman macun became more of a delicacy that is eaten during Ramadan and their main difference is that Mesir has a spicier taste but Ottoman macun is popular amongst kids due to its colorful and delicious taste.


The origin of this candy is believed to come from the Ottoman time. When the mother of the well-known Sultan Suleyman gets sick in Manisa, no doctor finds a cure to heal her. As a last resort, they consult Merkez Efendi who prepares a macun made from 41 spices and heals her. This is why macun is seen as a remedy rather than a tasty candy in Turkey.

Ottoman Macun

Ottoman macun is kind of a street delicacy that can be found especially around school districts and during Ramadan. Thanks to its colorful and sticky form, it is popular among children. Though it comes from Mesir macun, the spice in it is lower for kids to enjoy.  Ottoman macun is served on a wooden stick which comes from Ottoman time to show that the candy is natural and does not involve colorant. If there is a colorant in the candy, then it will appear on the stick.

Mesir Macun

The difference between Mesir and Ottoman macun is that Mesir macun is believed to contain 41 different spices in it and has its own festival as well. Manisa, one of the capitals of the Ottoman era, is the main city for this festival. Every year during Newroz, Mesir macun is scattered to the people who attend the festival which has been around for 400 years. The festival for the Mesir Macun is also on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. 

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