Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Caught up in the already quite stressful and busy life and forgot about getting a well-thought-out gift for your loved one? Or just couldn’t get one because you’re just too busy to find a nice gift. No worries, happens to the best of us. Sometimes we engage ourselves too much in our professional life and forget about the one we should pay attention to most. Let me help you pick something that will arrive fast, quite different, and thoughtful.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may look like they are an easy way out, but no one can argue that they are safe, and most people actually prefer a gift card from their favorite brand to getting any clothing that they will hate or probably change it in the store. You can get anything you like without the guilt on your conscious whether a bag is a little above what you would normally give.

Subscription Snack Box

Subscription boxes must be one of the most thoughtful gifts since you know what your loved one likes and subscribe to that box for up to a year. Literally a gift that keeps giving. What is better than a gift that you can eat? Everybody loves to snack from time to time, now your loved one can have the chance to taste some tasty treats from around the world. Trying international snacks open up and introduce new flavors and worlds that you cannot simply visit every day.

Donating to their name

If they are more into thought than the money that is spent on a gift, donating is a great gift! There are many organizations and charities that get by through donations. You can help save anything with a small donation. Most of these organizations also give you a certificate with the giftee’s name on it. So, you can give your loved one a material and a thoughtful gift all in one.

Concert Tickets

If you think about it buying a ticket to any show or concert is a great idea! It might be a little pricy depending on your loved one’s favorite artist but hey isn’t it worth it every now and then? Besides seeing their favorite artist, you both will have an unforgettable night together and make memories that you will cherish. I’d say it is a pretty special gift.

You can’t trust every snack box brand when it comes to fast delivery, but Turkish Munchies prides itself with fast shipment, you just need to give it a try. If you want to surprise your loved one you can subscribe for up to a year, however, we have no-subscription options as well. Everyone can enjoy any of these boxes.

Here is the link to our delish boxes filled with tasty international snacks:

Yummy Battle Subscription Box


Snack Boxes


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