Kıstırma – Turkish Delight Between Two Biscuits

Kıstırma – Turkish Delight Between Two Biscuits

Every country has its own version of quick snacks to satisfy cravings. I’m sure everyone is familiar with s’more which is the shortened version of “some more”. “Kıstırma” also known as “püskevit” in some parts of Turkey is prepared with the same logic except instead of marshmallows we put Turkish delight between two biscuits. One other difference between these two is that to make s’more you need to cook the marshmallow until it is caramelized also s’more is consumed usually during camping trips as a traditional snack. However, for kıstırma, there is no need to cook Turkish delight, all you have to do is take a big Turkish delight and then squish it between two biscuits, and voila.

Although you do not need an occasion to consume kıstırma now, in the old days, it was handed out during weddings and when women gave birth. Right now, instead of kıstırma special candies are handed out. But since Turkish delight is the apple of our eye, it is so easy to make yourself one on any occasion. Go to any supermarket, get yourself some Turkish delight and a package of biscuits and you’re good to go.

If you’re not living in Turkey and won’t be able to visit anytime soon, no need to be sad. Lucky for you, Turkish Munchies offers you this special snack in most of our boxes. Getting an abundance of snacks like chocolates, crackers, cakes, chips, candies, and wafers next to a kıstırma is a great deal if you ask me! Get your assortment of curated exotic foreign treats now 😉



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