Important Days You Can Buy Snack Boxes

Important Days You Can Buy Snack Boxes

Special days are not only the holidays we celebrate as a country. A birthday is the perfect example of an important day to celebrate the very existence of a beautiful human in your life. If you love someone so much to plan something and think of a present fit for them, it needs to be as special as they are. Looking for a great gift might be hard every time since there are many important days in a year aside from birthdays.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

The closest important days you might be looking for a gift are days dedicated to our beloved parents, Mother’s, and Father’s Days. Is buying something new for them to wear the first gift idea that pops into your head? Maybe a nice blouse for mom and a tie for dad sounds like boring and repetitive gift after giving year after year. Giving some tasty treats to eat on the other hand sounds great and your money won’t go in vain. I’m pretty sure they will be happier with your choice as well. Something for the tummy is better than for the back after all.

July 4th

Celebrating Independence Day with a crowded group is always better to have the most fun. Grilling in the backyard and watching the fireworks sounds like a dream. However, it is rude to show up empty handed to your host’s house. In addition to bringing something to drink like everyone else, you can show up with some boxes of international snacks to surprise your friends. Trying different flavors will make everyone happy and excited.

Valentine’s Day

We all love chocolate, there is no doubt. Giving chocolate is a classic gift and maybe a little boring now but it’s because everyone keeps buying the same cliché heart-shaped mid chocolates. Add a little spice and difference if you’re going with chocolate. Apart from our chocolate box, which is available around wintertime and on valentine’s day, rest of our boxes are also perfect for this special day as well.


Here comes the mother of all special days. Unlike foreknown days like holidays, the number of birthdays can increase and decrease depending on the continuation of your relationships. Let’s say you have at least 5 people to celebrate. I’m sure you will forget 1 or 2 due to your tight schedule. A have some good news for this though. We offer that one gift where anyone from any age will love and get excited about: SNACKS! All you need to do is to sign into our newsletter and be reminded that a perfect gift exists at a reasonable price with our weekly mails. You may get some special discounts and gift yourself one.

There are many more special days, but we only mentioned the 2 that’s around the corner, 1 that happens all-year round and the one where chocolate is the most consumed. For part 2 there will be other important days, no worries. Now that you know what’s coming, I’d recommend you start with the preparations. What are you waiting for go and visit our snack boxes, here is the link:

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