How Do Turks Consume Their Favorite Snacks?

How Do Turks Consume Their Favorite Snacks?

You may be familiar with our world-renowned cuisine, but have you heard about our equally delicious and famous beverages? If not, no need to be sad. Today we are looking at the Turkish beverages that are consumed by Turkish people with their favorite snacks.

Turkish Coffee

There is no way you haven’t heard about Turkish coffee. Ranked among the best of the best, Turkish coffee is considered one of the most delicious coffees ever.  With its thick foam and dense flavor, Turkish coffee is the perfect combination with any sweet snack around the world. Mostly consumed with chocolate and Turkish delight, this coffee will make you addicted. It’s such an impactful drink that some parents add milk to take its density for their kids to drink it as well. If you’re thinking it is hard to come by a good cup of Turkish coffee, no worries! In most of the boxes, we send you instant Turkish coffees to taste and fall in love with this liquid heaven.

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Turkish Tea

Here is the most consumed drink of all Turkey! Turkey is the number one tea consumer around the whole world with 3.16 kg (6.96 lb.) of tea annually. Tea might be a hot drink, but that doesn’t stop Turks to drink it in summer as well. Though Turkish Coffee has a long history in our country, Turkish tea appeals to more people with its taste. Turkish Coffee may not be for every palate. For instance, parents don’t need to soften its taste by adding extra water, kids can drink it just fine. As a matter of fact, kids’ first encounter with Turkish tea starts with dipping biscuits into it! From there, with little sips, a new tea lover is born. The best part of tea is that you can consume it with both sweet and salty treats. Though we don’t send Turkish Tea in our boxes you should give it a try when you visit Turkey. As all tea Turkey consumes is produced in our Black Sea region.


One of the favorite winter beverages of Turkish people. Just like coffee, it is best paired with sweet treats like biscuits and chocolates. Made from roots of the wild orchids, salep is also used in the making of the famous Maraş ice cream. A cup of salep with cinnamon on top is a great way to get warm during cold winter days while hanging out with your loved ones or simply watching outside the window. As luck may have it, there is no need to travel all the way to Turkey for a good cup of salep as we already added one for you in our boxes. All you have to do is to order and when your box arrives prepare your salep and add cinnamon to your delight!


Our last drink is Boza. This one might be the most unknown for you as Boza is not widely known outside Turkey.  Just like Salep, Boza is also consumed during winter and is best with cinnamon on top but has a way thicker consistency due to it being a fermented wheat beverage. Along with cinnamon, it is paired with roasted chickpeas. Although you can find this drink in supermarkets now, the traditional way is a Boza seller shouting BOOOOZAAAAA in the streets during winter days and people coming out of their households to buy some. Living in big cities this tradition kind of came to an end as it is almost impossible for Boza vendors to be heard from apartment buildings. If you ever visit Turkey do not forget to visit Vefa Bozacısı, the most original place that sells Boza since 1876.

Now that you know about some of the best beverages that go with snacks. To try 2 out of 4 of them all you need to do is to buy and see for yourself if they really are best pairs with our snacks. To go our boxes with Turkish coffee and salep just click: 

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