Grand Bazaar: the largest and the oldest in the World

Grand Bazaar: the largest and the oldest in the World

Visiting Turkey but don’t know where to start? Well, better start with Istanbul, the metropolitan city of all of Turkey. But you may not know where to start visiting in Istanbul too. No worries, help is here! I’d say it is much better if you start with our famous Grand bazaar that has been going strong since 1460. I know, right? It has been around for centuries and is one of the most famous places in Istanbul. Grand Bazaar was chosen as the most visited tourist place in 2014.

Feeling like you’re in a maze in IKEA? Just wait until you see 30,700 square meters of Grand Bazaar with 61 streets. Keep in mind that it is not a place to just sightsee, you had better clear your schedule if you’re to visit. In fact, get ready to get lost from time to time. No worries, a vendor will be there to help you find your way.

What to do in the Grand Bazaar?

Apart from the obvious shopping in a bazaar, you can enjoy the place by simply admiring the structure since it is the oldest covered bazaar in the world. There are more than shops in this grand maze.


Here is the first reason why you’re visiting the Grand Bazaar. Well even if you didn’t have the intention to buy anything during your visit there, it is simply impossible with such persistent merchants. Once you’re in the Grand Bazaar, an experience starts that you’ve never seen before. In such a grand place the competition to sell the same product is also grand. Don’t get startled right away, in a couple of streets, you’ll get used to it.

Chatting With the Merchants

Done with the shopping part? Pretty sure you will be sitting on a stool right outside the shop you just bought a souvenir and start chatting with your talkative merchant.  We do love a good conversation with a tourist, that’s why Turkish people are called hospitable I assume.

Trying Local Delicacies

After a very long shopping experience and an equally long conversation with the vendors, you must be famished. Since you already had a cup of Turkish coffee or tea while chatting, it is time to eat! Any food you want to eat in Turkey can be found in Grand Bazaar. Countless cafes and restaurants are there to satisfy your craving whether it is kebab or baklava.

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