Famous Delicacies of Ankara – the Capital of Turkey

Ankara the capital of Turkey

It has been long since we mentioned the famous foods from one of our cities. With the addition of Ankara, all our top 3 cities and their famous foods have been mentioned so, now you know what to eat when you visit.  Speaking of Ankara, I cannot go without mentioning, contrary to popular belief the capital of Turkey is not Istanbul but Ankara. Now let’s learn about the food particular to Ankara.

Efelek Sarması

Sarma has a prominent place in all Turkish cuisine. However, depending on the region there are multiple variations of it, Efelek sarma is one of these variations. It is also known as Labada and its difference from classic sarma is the leaf that is it wrapped. Classic sarma is made with vine leaves but efelek is made with efelek leaves, a different plant.  

Beypazarı Güveci

Originating in Beypazarı, Ankara, this food has a history of 500 years. It was served to sultans during the Ottoman era. Due to the meat used, it takes 5 hours to prepare this food. One of the most important elements that give it its unique taste is that this food is cooked inside a stewpan. There are many delicacies in Turkish cuisine that are made in stewpans.

Ankara Tavası

Ankara Tavası also has a long history, and it is such an important local food that in 2017, got a geographical indication. Although the people of Ankara are divided whether its pilaf is made from rice or orzo, both options are delicious and worth a try. This traditional food is eaten on important days like funerals, weddings, hıdırellez, etc.

If you’re visiting Turkey, you should definitely add Ankara as one of your destinations and try its delicious delicacies. There are many delicious dishes and street delicacies waiting for you in Ankara and all of Turkey. In the meantime, if you don’t have the time to travel, let us come to you with a box of international snacks all the way from Turkey with our beloved Turkish snacks. Even better if you subscribe you can have us at your doorstep every month!

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