Don’t Get Fooled It’s Time to Welcome April Box

International Subscription Yummy Battle April Snack Box

Here is the monthly introduction of our brand-new subscription box with hand-picked 4 snacks by our experts! April won’t be able to fool you with our box, it will make you happy instead. As you already know, Yummy Battle box brings you 20 snacks and game cards each month. So, these 4 snacks are only a little teaser of what is to come 😉

Laviva- Milk & Dark Chocolate Filled Bar

As you know I like to add a snack that is my favorite from that month’s box. I mean you know I can’t write these blogs without a little taste of these mouth-watering goodies. Laviva is the winner in my heart for April Box with a dense but quite creamy feel. Such a bar of strong chocolate deserves the best spot in any contest they’re in.

Ahenk- Milk Chocolate Bites

Taking a little different approach to chocolate with Ahenk’s drawer chocolates. Just like its name the harmony of this taste will take you beyond your imagination. You will enjoy these little bites that keep coming as you pull them out. The more milk the merrier after all.

Crax- Cheese & Onion Sticks

These sticks are poppin’! One of the best combinations of flavors met yet again on another snack. This time the lucky treat is Crax sticks! You don’t only get the flavor but thanks to the literal particles on top of the sticks you will feel the crunch.  It’s time to crax, what are you waiting for?

Kremini- Candy with Milkshake

This milkshake brings everyone to the yard! Who doesn’t like candy? If you know someone who doesn’t like it, their mind will change after tasting these soft candies with some delicious strawberry milkshake 🍓🍓 With the packaging don’t forget to share it with friends so that everyone can have a taste of this deliciousness.

Yummy Battle Box