Do Turks celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 🍀

Do Turks celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 🍀

Before mentioning whether Turks celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or not let’s learn a bit about this day.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th every year to honor, well St. Patrick! St Patrick was one of the patron saints of Ireland and is known for bringing Christianity to Irish people. This day celebrates the arrival of Christianity and the Irish culture.

Throughout the day there are glamorous parades across the world. However, the best place to celebrate this day is obviously Ireland! Every year, thousands of people pay a visit to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in its main place. Irish pubs throughout the country are filled with people wanting to spend this day with delicious food and jugs of beer.

One of the other places where people celebrate this day in Chicago. Since there are a lot of Irish and Irish descendants in the USA and they love a good celebration, it is only suitable. Each year, the Chicago river is dyed green to honor this day. Now, there are some saying that it was a cover-up for the illegal sewage discharges to the Chicago River, still, it is now specially dyed for every March 17th.

There are some symbols used during these celebrations like shamrocks, green clothing, and leprechauns. Shamrock is said to be used by St. Patrick while he was explaining Holy Trinity to Pagans. Green clothing might be associated with the green of the Irish flag or as a way of protection from the leprechauns. And lastly, leprechauns are actually Irish folklore and initially, they were red but after all this green, their color also turned green. They are believed to bring good luck.

Now on to our question on whether Turks celebrate this day. No, we don’t. But by that, I mean “officially” since we don’t have big parades like other countries. However, people are dressing in green which carries the day’s spirit in Turkey too.

If you’d like to celebrate this day but can’t go to one of these amazing cities with big parades. Don’t be sad! You can still follow the parades on social media while enjoying a box of tasty snacks from Turkish Munchies. We’ll keep you company 🍀 🍀

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