Comparison of Maxi and Midi Boxes

Comparison of Maxi and Midi Boxes

We cannot always compare ourselves with our competitors. Sometimes one needs some self-evaluation as well. For that reason, today I wanted to compare our two boxes in different size and their features.

Turkish Munchies offers 13 boxes in total including our subscription based snacking box called The Yummy Battle. There are 3 different sizes: Maxi, Midi and Mini. 4 of them are in the Maxi category and their names are: Yummy Battle, Exotic, Space and Celebration. There is only one Mini box which is called Chocolate Edition and as the name suggests it includes 10 full-size chocolates in it. So, if you are looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, this box is perfect for you!

Rest 8 of our boxes are all in midi size. Their names are Gourmet, Energetic, Traditional, Adventure, Retro, Picnic, Fantastic and Lovers’ boxes.

Now that you know all our boxes, it’s time to mention what makes maxi and midi ones apart from each other.


Apart from Yummy Battle box, all our maxi boxes include 20+ full-size premium quality snacks. Yummy Battle is different as it is the subscription box, so the snacks change each month and includes 20 full-size snacks and a card game. However, every 6 months all the snacks in our other boxes change regardless of their size so that you can always try new snacks. In that regard, a maxi size snack box would be a better fit for crowded families and office parties. To make these gatherings more fun you can try Yummy Battle box and include the card game. Who knows maybe you become a subscriber to this fun!


Our 8 midi boxes include around 13 full-size gourmet treats in them. Different from each other, every box represents something different! Want to have a conventional take on snacks? Try Traditional box that includes some of our most loved local delicacies like an instant Turkish coffee to get that Turkish feeling. How about some retro taste? Check out the retro box with the snacks from our childhood. You can also share these boxes with loved ones, but they are more suitable for single person consumption.

Whether you choose Maxi or Midi box, one thing is for sure that you will get some really tasty international snacks delivered to your doorstep just in a couple of days. Don’t forget though: The bigger, the better!

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