Classic Gold Gatherings of Turkish Women

An example of a classic gold gathering table full of food

Let’s talk about an important tradition and cultural activity among Turkish women. Though how it began is not known, gathering in your neighbor’s house every month to pass the host money or gold has become a tradition for years. An important event between the neighbors, gold gatherings are like those college clubs. Women gather to gossip, eat the host’s specialties, and even sometimes dance.

These gatherings are mostly popular among housewives since they are held during the day. Passing money or gold is a way of investment since every 6 months a good amount of money is acquired.

Another important factor of these gatherings is trying new food and getting the recipe from the host. Though many who get the recipe cannot make the way host cooks it so whenever it’s the turn of the host with the famous kısır, she is asked to make it again. The menu is never like a generic lunch or dinner. There are certain elements that are essential like sarma, kısır, börek, and a cake of any kind. The dessert does not have to be a cake, there are many famous desserts that are also served like homemade baklava, kadayıf, or any other dessert with sherbet.

After all these delicious foods are eaten and money or gold is given to the host, now it is time for every woman to show those dance moves. Of course, we are not talking about anything like ballroom or hip-hop dance 😊 Music with some rhythm is enough to make even the most stubborn neighbor dance.

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