A Very Special Box for the Valentine's

A Very Special Box for the Valentine's

The month of lovers is almost here, and we are ready for it with our special Yummy Battle February Box. Just like every other month this Valentine’s Day, we have cherry-picked all our best products that will go into the February Box. Each Yummy Battle Box contains an assortment of delicious international snacks and is curated around a theme. This month we are bringing you newly added, delicious snacks specifically chosen for Valentine's Day. Valentine’s day means lots of berries and dark chocolate-flavored snacks to treat yourself and your loved one. That’s why we added many tasty snacks in this month’s box specifically chosen for the best holiday there is. 💕

So, what's inside this delicious box?

There are 20 different exotic snacks in this month's box. Here are 4 of them in detail that you'll find and hopefully enjoy:

  • Hosbes Cocoa Wafer with Sour Cherry Cream

Craving something sweet and tart? Hosbes is the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings! This delightful combo of crunchy cocoa wafer layers with luscious sour cherry cream will make your taste buds dance. Experience the harmony of flavor and texture in every bite of Hosbes, the perfect snack for any occasion! This cherry-flavored wafer by Hosbes is simply the best option to give to a loved one with the creamy cherry flavor between crunchy wafers.

  • Cokofest Milk Chocolate with Raspberry Cream Filling

My personal favorite snack from this month’s box! Looking for a delicious indulgence? Cokofest has got you covered! Our milk chocolate with raspberry cream filling is a truly decadent treat that will allure you. For an extra special experience, try heating it for a few seconds and enjoy the rich, creamy goodness of this delightful chocolatey treat. Indulge in Cokofest and find out why it's the ultimate choice for chocoholics everywhere!

  • Marshmallow Biscuit with Strawberry Flavored Sprinkles

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Marshmallow Biscuit with Strawberry Flavored Sprinkles. Perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this treat will have you begging for more. Just look at the jelly flowing out! The strawberry-flavored sprinkles add an extra burst of sweetness that will make you jump with joy. Enjoy guilt-free snacking with these delicious treats – every bite is sure to tantalize your senses! Get ready to be addicted!

  • Ulker Dark Chocolate Coated Wafer with Cocoa Cream

We love a bar of good dark chocolate, so this was definitely one of our favorites in this month's box.  Indulge in Ulker's deliciousness and take a break from the ordinary! Our dark chocolate-coated wafer with cocoa cream is the perfect treat for any occasion. Enjoy a savory combination of premium-grade dark chocolate, crispy wafers, and smooth cocoa cream for a delicious snack or dessert. With Ulker, you can indulge in the goodness of chocolate without compromising on taste.

All these mouth-watering yummies are in perfect packaging for Valentine's Day as well. So, what are you waiting for? Order before this limited edition box of international snack box runs out! 

Let us know which one of these delicious snacks will be your favorite.