A Traditional Take on Turkish Snacks

Turkish Munchies Traditional Snack box with a cup of Turkish coffee and Turkish delight

Turkey is the perfect blend of modern and traditional lifestyles. We have adapted to living by preserving our traditional roots yet adapting to the modern way of living. We continue the same mindset on our famous cuisine as well. Blending traditional and modern flavors create the most delicious tastes ever. Starting from this we have created a traditional box so that you can also taste our conventional delicacies from the comfort of your home.  

Simit Cracker

Let’s start with how simit and bagel are two different foods. The shape may be the same but the taste of them is definitely different. The most important difference is that the simit is covered with sesame, however, there is only sesame on top of some bagels. That’s why the full sesame-covered one gets to become a snack. Including real sesame, simit cracker is a mouth-watering snack with its perfect crips. Do not try to consume it during breakfast as a normal simit is soft and fit for a nice breakfast. Simit crackers would be great when you feel like your tummy is about to make some noise in your classroom. Take it out of your bag and start snacking right away. Do not forget to share with your friends so that they can also get a taste!

Kıstırma & Turkish Coffee

I already wrote two different blogs on these two great delights. I am combining them on this blog because they pair so well together. Kıstırma as you know is a Turkish delight between two biscuits and what goes best with a Turkish delight? Turkish coffee of course! It may be hard to find a good Turkish coffee outside of Turkey, well no more 😉 We’re sending out only the best Turkish coffee carefully selected among many other brands. This pair deserves the world according to every Turkish people in this galaxy.


This orange jelly-flavored biscuit has been around for years and is one of Turkey’s most famous and classic snacks. It became such a hit that a strawberry-flavored version was created as a limited edition. Though there is a literal orange symbol on top of it, people get surprised the moment they take a bite, the chocolate sprinkles may be playing a part in making people believe they are about to eat something with chocolate flavor 😊 Eti Cin is another snack that became a traditional taste in our culture since we are already familiar with the taste, no one is surprised or makes a face while eating it.

If you’re into Turkish culture or not these snacks are all must-tries on our list. If they weren’t I wouldn’t include them at all. Take a look at our traditions through snacks this time!

Here is our beloved Traditional Box:

Traditional Box