A Local Turkish Delicacy with Cheese: Hoşmerim

A Local Turkish Delicacy with Cheese: Hoşmerim

Today, you are introduced a very iconic and delicious dessert from Balıkesir, Turkey. Also known as the cheese dessert, Höşmerim is made in different regions throughout Turkey. Although there is a story behind its name whether it’s made up or not, etymologically the word Höşmerim is the combination of Persian “hoş” meaning sweet, and “maram” meaning cream.

Story of its Name

Rumor has it that when his husband returns from the war, the overjoyed wife wants to prepare something special for her husband but due to their poverty she doesn’t have many ingredients. Whilst thinking about what to cook, she sees the cheese made from milk hanging on the wall across the room. Mixing eggs, sugar, and semolina with the cheese, she offers this new delicacy to her husband. Back then wives refer to their husbands as “erim”. So, she asks “hoş mu erim?” meaning “Does it taste good my husband?” and the husband who loves the dessert responds “hoş, hoş”. Due to this story spreading primarily in Balıkesir and then to the rest of Turkey, it is now called höşmerim.

Höşmerim might be a very famous dessert it is still a regional delicacy even in Turkey, so finding it abroad is almost impossible. Even in Turkey though you can find it in the supermarkets, it is better to just visit Balıkesir to taste it or ask someone who is passing through Balıkesir to bring you some. If you do not have the time or the finance to visit Balıkesir right now. You can still feel like you’re visiting Turkey by checking our website for some delicious international candies and snacks to feel like you are here.

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