A great gift to make office meetings fun!

A great gift to make office meetings fun!

Weekly office meetings can be daunting to employees who need to give speeches and make presentations in front of their colleagues. Their anxiety levels may increase that one day of the week when they give reports. To create a more relaxed and friendly environment, there is a way you can try.

What if I told you that turning these boring meetings into kind of a happy hour will make them 10x less scary? Offering snacks or food during these meetings will make a difference and here is why: 

More Eager

Taking a snack break or letting your employees know that there will be snacks present during the weekly meetings will make them attend happier and more eager. It is proven that letting your employees know there will be snack offerings during the meeting makes them attend more willingly.

Remote Employees

Not every company has employees working from the office, global companies have employees who work around the world from their homes as well. Though these employees cannot physically attend these important office meetings, they still do virtually and if you’re aiming to boost morale for everyone, snack boxes are perfect to make every employee happy regardless of their location.

Shows You Care

Every now and then, we all want to feel important. Especially when you spend 5 times a week in a place, it becomes like your home since you see your colleagues more than your family. In such an environment, if you want your employees to give their 100%, you have to show them that you also care about them. Throwing happy hours, going to work travels are great ways to do that. But since they are a bit pricey to do all the time. Boxes of brand-new snacks each month are more economical and doable.

Boosting morale in a work environment is a lot easier than everyone thinks. All you have to do is show them you care and give them little surprises occasionally. With Turkish Munchies snack boxes, you can turn your boring meetings into fun gatherings, show you care, and your remote employees won’t be alienated.

Here are our maxi boxes that are perfect for your meetings:

Yummy Battle Box

Exotic Box

Celebration Box

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