7 snacks that represent 7 regions of Turkey

7 snacks that represent 7 regions of Turkey

The 7 region of Turkey is one but still very different from one another. That’s why just like mentioning the 7-representative food of Turkey this time we wanted to match our snacks that are the best fit for our regions. All the snacks we offer are perfect for anyone who wants to experience it like they’re visiting Turkey.

  • Aegean Region

Greta – With its olive and oregano flavor, these crunchy Greta crackers are the perfect snack to represent our Aegean region where olive is primarily produced. The Aegean region is known and praised for its light dinners prepared with olive oil.

  • Marmara Region

Pöti – Our fluffy cake comes in 3 different flavors, however, the fruity one matches our Marmara region. Some of the cities in Marmara are known for their graperies. Alongside grapes, this soft cake also includes fig which is also another fruit that grows in the region.

  • Mediterranean Region

Cin – If you’ve ever visited the Mediterranean region of Turkey especially Antalya, you’d be sure to see all the orange trees right and left all over the city. For this reason, the orange jelly-filled biscuit is chosen for this specific task.

  • Black Sea Region

Balık cracker – Black Sea region is the primary place where almost all the fish we consume in our country comes from. You might think Turkey is surrounded by seas all around how come the Black Sea is the primary? Well, our warmer seas are mostly for swimming 😊 So, the balık cracker is only the right choice for this region.

  • Eastern Anatolia Region

Laviva – We love Laviva but the one that gets to represent Eastern Anatolia is its cheesecake-flavored one as some of the most famous cheeses of Turkey are primarily produced in this region. No better place to mention one of the greatest desserts around the world than the Eastern Anatolia region.

  • Central Anatolia Region

Kıstırma – The traditional snack of Turkey couldn’t be fit for any other region than Central Anatolia where any tradition is still going strong and maintained for years. Kıstırma consists of our world-renowned Turkish delight between two biscuits. Just like a tradition, it has been around for many years as well.

  • Southeastern Anatolia Region

List – Southeastern Anatolia Region is the base for producing the corn for Turkey and for our delicious List nuts. Along with corn, the people of southeastern Anatolia are known for their love for hot paprika. So, the two ingredients for our List nuts get to be produced in one region which makes it fit to represent.

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